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After Christmas

December 30, 2017 — Leave a comment


Although Christmas 2017 is over, I’d like to extend holiday wishes to everyone and share a holiday poem. For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, please accept my best wishes for a peaceful winter season.

After Christmas

The angel song still trembles
In Bethle’em’s holy air;
The little hills lie sleeping,
The bright stars still shine fair.

Gone is the rustle of the wings
Heard in the watch serene;
The Golden Hour of God is past,
His Glory has been seen.

But, oh, the hearts that since have waked
The souls that have found rest
Because small Bethlehem one Day
Took heaven to its breast!

— Consuelo Valencia, 1918—

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Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2016 — Leave a comment

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season. I’d like to share a very special prayer that’s been a favorite of mine for many years. Writers will notice that there are many exclamation points in this poem, but I love it. We’ll discuss exclamation points in another post after Christmas. (Technically, it’s after midnight for me, but I’m still calling this a Christmas post.)

Prayer on Christmas Eve

O Wondrous night of star and song,

O blessed Christmas night!

Lord, make me feel my whole life long

It’s loveliness and light!

So all the years my heart shall thrill

Remembering angels on a hill,

And one lone star shall bless me still

On every Christmas night!

—  Nancy Byrd Turner

Until next time,

Write something you love! — Joanne