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Remembering Nana

January 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

One of the earliest influences on my writing was my grandmother. We would write poetry and play word games together before I was old enough to start school. She’d type letters to me on her typewriter. Today is the anniversary of her birth, and I thought I’d share a little poem that she’d recite to me when I was small. She came from a family of eleven brothers and sisters. That experience taught her not to waste even a scrap of food. Although my grandfather was a doctor and could afford to feed the family well, she’d find a use for all leftovers. A spoonful of vegetables would be made into soup. Milk nearing expiration would be made into pudding. Extra bread would be fed to the birds or made into stuffing. This poem made a huge impression on me, and I hope you’ll share it with the children in your life.

Do Not Throw Upon The Floor

Do not throw upon the floor

The food you cannot eat,

For many a little hungry child

Would think it quite a treat.

Willful waste makes woeful want,

And you may live to see the day

You wished you had that piece of bread

That you once threw away.

— Anna G. (my Nana)

Until next time,

Write something you love! — Joanne


I’d like to share a short poem as we prepare to usher in 2017. Stay safe until next year!

New Year

Upon the threshold of another year

We stand again.

We know not what of gladness and good cheer,

Of grief or pain

May visit us while journeying to its close.

In this we rest,

God dealeth out in wisdom what He knows

For us is best.

Thomas Wearing, 1875


Until next time,

Write something you love! — Joanne

Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2016 — Leave a comment

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season. I’d like to share a very special prayer that’s been a favorite of mine for many years. Writers will notice that there are many exclamation points in this poem, but I love it. We’ll discuss exclamation points in another post after Christmas. (Technically, it’s after midnight for me, but I’m still calling this a Christmas post.)

Prayer on Christmas Eve

O Wondrous night of star and song,

O blessed Christmas night!

Lord, make me feel my whole life long

It’s loveliness and light!

So all the years my heart shall thrill

Remembering angels on a hill,

And one lone star shall bless me still

On every Christmas night!

—  Nancy Byrd Turner

Until next time,

Write something you love! — Joanne